Italian-Qatari cooperation: the beginning of a new stage

Итальянско-катарское сотрудничество: начало нового этапа

The first strategic dialogue between Qatar and Italy for 2022 took place earlier this week. During the negotiations, the representatives of the states discussed the latest developments and problems in the region, as well as the economic situation. 

The purpose of the strategic dialogue is to provide a basis for various joint initiatives and cooperation in certain sectors. In addition, it allows accelerating the pace of development of bilateral relations. 

Over the past 10 years of economic partnership between Qatar and Italy, trade figures have grown by more than 320%. In addition, Italy is the eighth trading partner for Qatar and one of the most important investment partners. 

This year, the states plan to strengthen cultural and educational ties, as well as cooperate in the fields of science and technology. Italy also hopes for Qatar's help in ensuring peace and stability in the region, as well as assistance in the evacuation of the citizens of ally countries from Afghanistan.

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