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Organization of the Russian-Qatari business council

The Russian-Qatari Business Council (RQBC) was established on February 12, 2007 in accordance with an agreement between the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the State of Qatar as a society without forming a legal entity.

Currently, the Chairman of the RQBC is Ahmet Palankoev.

RQDS is an independent organization that promotes Russian-Qatari relations in business and trade. Business Council does its best to establish mutually beneficial business contacts between representatives of the Qatari and Russian sides.

activities of the business council

Takes part in the development of a coordinated position of the Russian business community in interaction with Qatari partners

Analyzes the problems typical for bilateral relations, prepares recommendations for removing obstacles or reducing the negative impact of certain factors that influence these relations

Contributes to the identification of specific opportunities for expanding Russian-Qatari cooperation in the business sphere, including joint innovation and investment projects implemented in Russia, Qatar and in third countries

Creates opportunities for communication between the business circles of Russia and Qatar by organizing meetings, which contributes to preparation joint proposals aimed at intensifying trade and economic ties

Organizes communication between Russian business circles with legislative and executive authorities, participates in the preparation and implementation of Russian-Qatari agreements and programs in the field of trade and economic relations, in the development of relevant regulatory legal acts

Promotes the establishment of contacts and joint work with public associations of Russia and Qatar, taking an active position on issues of bilateral trade and economic cooperation
Provides information services and consulting support to interested Russian and Qatari entrepreneurs, including finding partners
RQBC Guide
Паланкоев Ахмет Магомедович
Chairman of the Russian-Qatari Business Council
Ahmet Palankoev
Льянов Адам  Магометович
Deputy chairman
Adam Lyanov
Егармин Алексей Викторович
General Director of RQBC
Aleksey Egarmin
Рушкевич Татьяна Михайловна
Deputy General Director
Tatiana Rushkevich